Teknaux delivers end-to-end data-driven digital products & services. Our highly skilled team of consultants ensure we focus on your objectives through the best use of technology. Building rich experiences that drive the end user experience through the smart use of data integration, enables you to gain a competitive advantage.

Advisory Services

In order to implement digital solutions that will drive business success and value, you need to asses your current capabilities, develop a clear and actionable plan and also have the ability to test concepts before they go into full design and development phase. We can lay the foundations for your organization to deliver a data driven digital solution that is fit for your business needs.

We use our own methodology which is based on LEAN and Agile practices to validate ideas and concepts for your solutions. We can show you how to visualise a version of the end state while minimising waste

Experienced consultants will work with you to understand your desired digital end state, they will identify your organization’s digital maturity then provide you with a position statement and advice on how to reach it

Our industry experience and visabilty across what is happening in the industry can help you develop an actionable strategy and roadmap to set out your journey into digital and the tools, resources and processes you need

We take a technology agnostic approach to developing products and services. This allows us to recommend architecture and technology that are best in class and most suited for your intended business outcomes

Consulting Services

With a rich data heritage we take a data driven approach to digital solution development. We create engaging, interactive and immersive experiences that allow you to maximise the use of your assets. Our Rapid Experimentation methodology (Rapid XP) combines Agile, LEAN and Rapid Application Development allowing us to rapidly iterate so that we can always test and learn and minimise waste. We apply this approach to all of our projects regardless of size, whether it be a mobile application or a bespoke enterprise solution.

Test your idea validity and get results fast, proving your idea with your customer base before launching into full development

Combine raw data analysis with industry experience and your internal IP to gain 360 degree insight

Analysis, auditing, reporting and insights based on business web traffic data and user generated online activity and server logs

Enabling you to utilise customer data in realtime to tailor the user experience to maximise engagement and conversion opportunities

Bespoke interface design that help drive engagement and interactivity

Conversion analysis and an iterative testing approach utilising MVT & A/B testing tools and services

Data driven approach to create engaging, interactive and immersive experiences that allow you to maximise the use of your assets

Bespoke applications using accurate and trusted analytical and operational data

Let us bring your mobile application idea to life from design and development to delivery

Following industry guidelines and best practices we can build an experience that will get more out of your data

Enabling you to surface business information to your teams and relevant content to your customers

Managed Services

Once we have built your solution we have a number of ways in which you can utilise our ongoing support services to manage anything we design and build for you

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